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An invitation to join us on The Journey

Liverpool Arts Lab began Beating the Bounds of Toxteth Park on the 23rd November 2018. We began this modern ritual in relation to K2’s Toxteth Day of the Dead & The People’s Pyramid project. The ritual continued during lockdown. On 23rd November 2020 we relayed a Golden Acorn around the 10 mile boundary of the original Royal & Ancient Park of Toxteth. In 2021 we traversed the boundary again, this time dressed as the spirits of the animals of the park.

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Bodge Zine

Bodge #4

Happy 23rd. Welcome to the 4th issue of Bodge, lovingly crafted for you by 32 creative souls. That 32 more pages of original writing, poetry, art, provocations and experiments. We delighted to say, this issue also contains the return of the Lost Doctor.

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