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The Toxteth Tart

By PeterHughes

Ahead of the second annual Toxteth Day Of The Dead, the Liverpool Arts Lab were discussing how we could better engage the local community. With food being the great unifier, I decided to create a local cake in the tradition of the Manchester and Bakewell tart, the Chorley, Eccles and Dundee cakes and the Chelsea bun.

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Alan Moore in conversation with Youth – video

To mark the anniversary of The 14 Hour Super Weird Happening at the Florrie, Liverpool 8, Jah has put together an incredible video of one of the highlights of the event, the conversation between music producer and Killing Joke bassist Youth and ‘the greatest living Englishman’ Alan Moore.

The Super Weird Happening was a day of wonderment, inspiration and discovery and paved the way for the Liverpool Arts Lab to set up camp in The Florrie’s basement, AKA ‘Undergrowth Of Wonder’. A transcription of the conversation is available here.

Mathew Street Comic

The Renaissance of Mathew Street book 23/02/18

Mathew Street was the epicentre for all of Liverpool’s finest freaks and seekers. But this gradually faded and the street diminished into a husk of its former self, now standing as a bleak caricature of soulless tourism.

This is why is was decided the bad spirits would be exorcised from the pool of life on the twenty third day of November, 2017 – the first annual ‘Toxteth Day Of The Dead’ and the date the JAMs ‘Burn The Shard’. Once the pool of life has been cleansed of the corrupting influence, the undercurrents will flow beneath the manhole cover freely allowing for a new cultural era for Liverpool.

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Printing The Manhole Cover 14/09/17

By Mandie Buchanan

The newly formed Liverpool Arts Lab was in need of a first project. After getting a little inspiration from a video circulating on social media, myself, Simon and Larry decided we were going to attempt a screen print of the famous Mathew Street manhole cover (or grid if you’re a local).

For those who do not know, there is an interesting manhole cover outside Flannigan’s Apple on Mathew Street. The location is connected to Karl Jung and his “Liverpool is the Pool of Life” dream. Also, Bill Drummond claims that the manhole cover is the fulcrum of an interstellar ley line and once spent 17 hours standing on top of it but that’s another story.

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