The Journey 23/05/22

Arts lab folk at the gate at Otterspool Park Happenings

The Journey 23/05/22

On 23rd May 2022 Liverpool Arts Lab and friends undertook a magickal journey through the heart of Toxteth Park. We met at the boundary stone on Smithdown Road. We passed through the city of the dead and crossed the River Styx to resurrect the spirit of the Liverpool White Hart. We took the hart to the confluence of the Lower and Upper Brooks in Sefton Park. We tracked the path of the merged brooks across Aigburth Road and through Otterspool Park toward the sea. Along the way we created a new recycled saint, read poems, told stories and set our dreams free on a flotilla of origami junks. We completed our journey with a picnic in the bowl of The Otter’s Pool.

The original call out, and some background information, can be found here

Images by Jane MacNeil, Robin Scarlett, Janet Fishwick, Ali Harwood, Marc Robinson and Jen Allanson.

Meeting at the boundary stone
Meeting of the stags
Passing through the city of the dead
Approaching the River Styx
Charon and Cerberus at the threshold
Pomegranate seeds in the Underworld
Crossing the threshold
The spirit of the white hart with the spirit of the forest
The Journey begins
Towards St. Agnes Field
The Magickal Childe
Recycled Saint Joan
Canonizing a recycled saint
Canonization (the aftermath)
Green Man at The Grotto
Telling tales of Captain Hook at the site where the pirate ship once stood
Saling ships of dreams
Honouring the Standing People
Not The Day of the Dead
The site of the Victorian aviary
Leaving paper cranes at the aviary
Paper crane
White Hart sitting at the Eros fountain in Sefton Park
Rest stop
Green Man at Arteros
Green Man at Arteros
Liverpool Arts Lab at the Bandstand
Photos op at the Bandstand
View across Sefton Park Lake
Across the lake
Art lab friends
White Hart at the top of the lake
Following the river
Arrts Lab folk in The Bakery
Getting supplies from The Bakery
Arts lab folk at the gate at Otterspool Park
Crossing the threshold into Otterspool Park

Picnic in Otterspool Park
Picnic in The Otter’s Pool
Forest spirits
Echoes of the Golden Acorn
The Damanhur Dance
The End (for now)