Pigspurt’s Daughter & The March Of The Mycelium 23/08/18


Pigspurt’s Daughter & The March Of The Mycelium 23/08/18

On 23rd August 2018, a year on from The JAM’s ‘Welcome To The Dark Ages (and 24 years on from the duo’s infamous Jura boathouse money burn) their friend, muse and co-conspirator Daisy Eris Campbell returned to Liverpool to pay tribute to the a figure central to this whole story – her father, Ken Campbell.

First staging his heroic ‘Illuminatus!’ production in Liverpool on 23rd November 1976, the maverick director forever changed the make up of the city when he opened the Science Fiction Theatre of Liverpool alongside Chris Bernard and Chris Langham in Peter O’Halligan’s warehouse, known to local seekers at The Liverpool School Of Language, Music, Dream And Pun.

‘Illuminatus!’ had a profound effect on many people and did much to inform their future work – the JAM’s Bill Drummond and Daisy were no exception. That’s why the Hope Street Theatre at Liverpool’s Masonic Hall was seen as such a fitting venue for Daisy’s on woman-show about her dad, ‘Pigspurt’s Daughter’, when we were asked to co-host the event with Bido Lito!

We also of course needed to give Daisy a fitting welcome to the pool of life as an Arts Lab too, which is why we embarked on ‘The March Of The Mycelium ahead of the show, for reasons explained here.

Daisy was thrilled with her reception, and the show was a transcendental success! You can check out a collection of photos below – caught by Dan Dares, Jane Macneil, Jen Allanson and Tim Collins…

Onwards to CERN spores!

credit - Tim Collins

Show went so well. And there was a Mycelium-themed march along Hope St beforehand; I was given 5 pigs of happiness, a morel hat, an enantiodromic mirror and a wicked ⁦@Liv_Arts_Lab⁩ T-Shirt. Only in Liverpool. God, I love you ? pic.twitter.com/KolQ5y4X6a

— Daisy Eris (@DaisyEris) August 24, 2018

Josh Ray