Love Under The Bridge 14/02/22

Under the bridge before the clean up Happenings

Love Under The Bridge 14/02/22

On the 14th February Liverpool Arts Lab staged a Happening under the Iron Bridge in Sefton Park. It was inspired by a local ghost story. One telling of the story is as follows:

“In Victorian times Sefton Park’s delightful fairy glen was always a popular meeting point for courting couples. The Glen is spanned by a unique Iron Bridge and it was this bridge that Oliver and Cathleen used as their regular meeting point. Oliver was from an upper class background and his beautiful Cathleen was from a middle class background but despite this class
difference they where madly and deeply in love. However one cold Valentines night as they met on the bridge, Oliver had some devastating news. He told Cathleen that he was being forced into an arranged marriage. This happened a lot in Victorian times when two wealthy families would arrange a marriage so that their wealth would combine and they would become a greater force in Liverpool’s business world and this was what was happening to poor Oliver.

“Despite this, Oliver begged Cathleen to meet him in 12 months time, on Valentines night at 11.00 pm on the bridge at Sefton Park. Cathleen reluctantly agreed!

“12 Months passed and Oliver stood on the bridge waiting and hoping that Cathleen would appear.11 o’clock chimed , 5 past, 10 past, the quarter hour chimed and Oliver was just about to leave when he saw at the far end of the bridge, his beautiful Cathleen. Oliver’s heart leapt with joy and he ran to her with outstretched arms. But as he reached her she passed right through his body. She Turned. Gave Oliver a delightful smile and a gentile wave and
Cathleen vanished into the darkness!

“Oliver was of course shocked and devastated, but on making further enquiries he discovered that poor Cathleen had been struck by the dreadful Cholera epidemic and she had died that fateful night at exactly 11.15 but her last dying words where ” I must meet my love on the bridge at Sefton Park” Her Ghostly spirit kept that tryst.

“But it is said that now, every Valentine night at exactly 11.15, both Oliver and Cathleen mysteriously appear and they cross the bridge hand in hand and this signifies a true love, which will live forever.”

Before we could stage and event under the bridge, we needed to clean the space.
Its clearly a popular location for hanging out and has lots of ‘artwork’ on its pillars
But once night fell, the ghosts began to appear
A fire was laid
The moon arose
And stories were shared
We stayed until late, but left before the ghosts arrived to leave peace for their meeting