Beating the Bounds 23/11/21


Beating the Bounds 23/11/21

On the 23rd November 2021, Liverpool Arts Lab Beat the Bounds of the Royal and Ancient Hunting Park of Toxteth, a distance of just under 10 miles. Our aim was to honour the park, and the spirits of the animals whose home it had once been. To deepen our connection with the land we dressed as the creatures that would have been found in and around the park.

We met at sun up on the waterfront, where we carried out a boundary ritual to begin our walk. We travelled widdershins, stopping periodically to make ceremony, to share poety and to hear stories of the land that lies beneath the story of the city. We a lot of stops along the way, we returned to our starting point just as the sun set.

The background to this event, and the invitation, can both be found here.

Peter and Tommy at The Briannia in at sun up
Lovely LouLou Bear
Dennis the Jellyfish and Steve Stag
Piper at the gates of Dawn
Follow the White Rabbit!
The Cae Mabon Stag’s Head
Fox Totem
Making new friends
Don’t interfere with the deer (reference to this event)
Janet Blacbird
Enchanting Otterspool Cafe
Otterspool Park
Otterspool Park
The Green Man on Ibbotson’s Lane
Red Squirrel Robin
A real magical mystery tour
“Whats all this then?”
Hedgehog Mandie and Blackbird Janet in Leaf
Claudia Egypt Cat Mummy and The Golden Acorn
The Green Man
Lamenting at the meat isle in Asda
Scousers not batting an eye at animals in the shop
Arrival of Rat Simon
Magpie Ali Poet
Magpie Ali Poet Artwork
Rat and Hedgehog
They Sik him Deer…
Birdskill Luke
The Green Man Mysetery
Telling stories
Meeting friends
Drinking beer
Beating the Bounds
Saving the deer
Statue racing