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An invitation to join us on The Journey

Liverpool Arts Lab began Beating the Bounds of Toxteth Park on the 23rd November 2018. We began this modern ritual in relation to K2’s Toxteth Day of the Dead & The People’s Pyramid project. The ritual continued during lockdown. On 23rd November 2020 we relayed a Golden Acorn around the 10 mile boundary of the original Royal & Ancient Park of Toxteth. In 2021 we traversed the boundary again, this time dressed as the spirits of the animals of the park.

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An invitation to create a ‘Calendar of Extraordinary Events’…

Calendar of extraordinary events

For your pleasure, Liverpool Arts Lab have put together 31 days of provocations. 
In August, we will curate a virtual festival of silliness. Just for fun. And to cheer up Collective Spirit, who is having a bit of a ‘mare what with the pandemic, and all.

We need your help.

Pick a date that catches your eye. Be inspired and make something for that day. It can be anything at all. A poem. A play. A picture. An outfit. A movie. A happening. Anything at all. 

We would love you to share what you do with us. This will multiply your joyful effort as we can share it with others. But its OK to do it just for yourself. No pressure. Have fun with it.

You can take part on as many days as you fancy. And the invitation is to make every day in August an extra ordinary day. We’ll post all of our creative output on Twitter. Join us there if you can. @Liv_Arts_Lab

Invitation to Toxteth Day Of The Dead and Beating…

This November 23rd the Pool of Life sees the return of Toxteth Day of the Dead. As most of you probably know, the Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu AKA Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond want to build a 23-foot pyramid in Toxteth called The People’s Pyramid. Each brick will contain a small amount of a deceased person’s ashes – people have signed up to this project as part of their wishes after they die. You can read about the lives of the Mumufied here.

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Dooleyday: Sculpting Our Own Mythologies


Put simply, it’s a celebration of Liverpool-born sculptor ARTHUR DOOLEY held annually on his birthday, 17th January. That’s all.

But looked at again, it’s more than that: it’s an example of how so-called ‘ordinary’ people (no such thing, by the way) can create our own myths, honour our own heroes and sheroes, and by doing so, shine a light to illuminate a possible path ahead for the rest of us, in the darkest of times.

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The Cult Of Water by David Bramwell

Following Daisy Eris Campbell’s brilliant Pigspurt’s Daughter show, that we hosted alongside Bido Lito! at the Hope Street Theatre back in August, we’re delighted to invite David Bramwell, another guest from Brighton, to perform a solo-show in Liverpool.

The Cult of Water combines original music and film, art and archive footage with a captivating monologue. As a one-man show it is a feast for the ears, eyes, heart and soul, taking audiences on a dream-like journey in search of the ‘spirit of dark and lonely waters’.

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The March Of The Mycelium

Tomorrow, Thursday 23rd August, we’ll be welcoming Daisy Eris Campbell’s one-woman show to Liverpool! An homage to Ken Campbell, her brilliantly eccentric father, ‘Pigspurt’s Daughter’ weaves together the diverse strands that informed his work and helped forge his personal myth – she’s of course thrown a few of her own ideas into the mix too…

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Pigspurt's Daughter

Pigspurt’s Daughter

A surreal, hilarious and deeply moving one woman show from the daughter of the master raconteur, Ken Campbell. ‘Pigspurt’s Daughter’ visits the pool of life on Thursday 23rd August.

Ken Campbell was one of the most unclassifiable talents in British Theatre in the last half century” ~ The Guardian Obituary, 2008

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