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Bodge #10

Its the 23rd October and it time for Bodge#10. Learn how to keep reality at bay and make a supply of Rose Hip Syrup with Auntie Bob whilst pondering the mysteries of Wandlebury Hill in the Gog Magog Hills.

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Bodge #9

Read about “Enigma” by Carlos Taibo a book about anarchy and insurgent political movement or if that’s not your thing and the Beatles are of more interest, The Librarian gives you an insight into “Enthusiasm”

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Bodge #4

Happy 23rd. Welcome to the 4th issue of Bodge, lovingly crafted for you by 32 creative souls. That 32 more pages of original writing, poetry, art, provocations and experiments. We delighted to say, this issue also contains the return of the Lost Doctor.

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