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Tocky Tart

Ahead of the second annual Toxteth Day Of The Dead, the Liverpool Arts Lab were discussing how we could better engage the local community. With food being the great unifier, I decided to create a local cake in the tradition of the Manchester and Bakewell tart, the Chorley, Eccles and Dundee cakes and the Chelsea bun.

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The Sentence

The Sentence

On 15th December we’ll be hosting a live reading of Alistair Fruish‘s monosyllabic masterclass ‘The Sentence‘ – a groundbreaking novel that contains only one sentence with no punctuation. When read aloud, it reportedly has quite the hypnotic effect.

Back in January Daisy Eris Campbell – the force behind the recent adaptation of Robert Anton Wilson’s ‘The Cosmic Trigger‘ – directed a reading of ‘The Sentence’ at The Cockpit theatre where she’d later stage the second run of her seminal play, Robin Ince was amongst the readers, whilst Alan Moore assisted in the Northampton reading.

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The Arts Lab

Taking inspiration from the Arts Lab movement of the psychedelic sixties counterculture, which is beginning to show signs of revival, and following the lineage set by Liverpool’s creative underbelly, the newly launched Liverpool Arts Lab looks to form a network that allows artists of all different fields to feed off each other’s ideas and push the city’s culture forward.

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