Bodge Zine

Bodge #4

Happy 23rd. Welcome to the 4th issue of Bodge, lovingly crafted for you by 32 creative souls. That 32 more pages of original writing, poetry, art, provocations and experiments. We delighted to say, this issue also contains the return of the Lost Doctor.

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Bodge Zine

Bodge #1

On 23rd of July 2020, the official Robert Anton Wilson website tweeted this link to a digital zine called New Trajectories. It was created by the Only Maybe Arts Lab and released on Maybe Day Anything made by members of the Arts Lab family is going to be worth your time. And this definitely is. Its made for The Others by The Others.

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An invitation to create a ‘Calendar of Extraordinary Events’…

Calendar of extraordinary events

For your pleasure, Liverpool Arts Lab have put together 31 days of provocations. 
In August, we will curate a virtual festival of silliness. Just for fun. And to cheer up Collective Spirit, who is having a bit of a ‘mare what with the pandemic, and all.

We need your help.

Pick a date that catches your eye. Be inspired and make something for that day. It can be anything at all. A poem. A play. A picture. An outfit. A movie. A happening. Anything at all. 

We would love you to share what you do with us. This will multiply your joyful effort as we can share it with others. But its OK to do it just for yourself. No pressure. Have fun with it.

You can take part on as many days as you fancy. And the invitation is to make every day in August an extra ordinary day. We’ll post all of our creative output on Twitter. Join us there if you can. @Liv_Arts_Lab


Invitation to Toxteth Day Of The Dead and Beating…

This November 23rd the Pool of Life sees the return of Toxteth Day of the Dead. As most of you probably know, the Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu AKA Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond want to build a 23-foot pyramid in Toxteth called The People’s Pyramid. Each brick will contain a small amount of a deceased person’s ashes – people have signed up to this project as part of their wishes after they die. You can read about the lives of the Mumufied here.

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