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David Bramwell Interviews

David Bramwell Interview

Following in the long and illustrious lineage of English eccentricity, David Bramwell is a prolific and versatile creative who operates on the fringes of culture, shining a light on the overlooked and forgotten aspects of our history and folklore.

Constantly seeking meaning in the world around him, David uses what he finds to inform his work, whether that be as a raconteur, musician, radio presented or author. 

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Dooleyday Events/Happenings


One of Liverpool’s favourite sons is to be honoured on January 17th, on what would have been his 89th birthday. A very special exhibition at one of Arthur’s favourite places in the city forms the centrepiece of the latest annual ‘Dooleyday’. Inspired by the world famous ‘Bloomsday’ held in Dublin and around the world every year on June 16th, in honour of James Joyce, ‘Dooleyday’ is fast becoming a feature of Liverpool’s cultural landscape. This year’s celebration will centre on The Florrie in the Dingle, reputedly a favourite building of Arthur’s. Co-curated by The Florrie, the event will feature films, presentations, talks, a book reading, and an exhibition of original Dooley work, loaned from a mystery benefactor.

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Arts Labs

The Arts Lab

Taking inspiration from the Arts Lab movement of the psychedelic sixties counterculture, which is beginning to show signs of revival, and following the lineage set by Liverpool’s creative underbelly, the newly launched Liverpool Arts Lab looks to form a network that allows artists of all different fields to feed off each other’s ideas and push the city’s culture forward.

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