Month: <span>December 2018</span>

David Bramwell Interviews

David Bramwell Interview

Following in the long and illustrious lineage of English eccentricity, David Bramwell is a prolific and versatile creative who operates on the fringes of culture, shining a light on the overlooked and forgotten aspects of our history and folklore.

Constantly seeking meaning in the world around him, David uses what he finds to inform his work, whether that be as a raconteur, musician, radio presented or author. 

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Toxteth Day Of The Dead

“Now THIS was a rare vintage. The first Toxteth Day of the Dead proper was something truly special. The day I led ‘the 399’ on an historic Beating of the Bounds will live long in the memory (even if there weren’t exactly 399 of us – or maybe there were, if you count the ghosts…). The whole day was filled with wonder and highlights, and each person there will have their own. For me, the run-up to the event was just so exciting and impressive, seeing fellow Arts Labbers swing into action and pull together to create a truly collaborative and momentous event in just 10 days. 

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